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FAQ, Frequent Asked Questions:


Visit the vedio FAQ page!

GoldWord Home Edition Quick Start:



How to start using GoldWord? [/\]
There are two basic methods of selecting a word and getting it translated:

Method 1:

Step 1: Select the word you want to translate as in the example

Step 2: While the word is selected press on the “Shift” button + right mouse button.

Note: In cases that the word wasn't translated, click on the "Insert" button.

* Please verify that the languages are set correctly; (i.e. upper language is the source and the lower language is the language you want to translate too.


Method 2:

Enter directly into the GoldWord textbox section, then press "Enter" or on the button "Go"

Note: Shortcuts as “Shift” + "Right mouse click" can be modified in the “Options” as well in the windows taskbar GW Menu.



Method 3:

Select and Ctrl+C, select the required word , while the GoldWord is Active, then press Ctrl+C buttons. 





How to get GoldWord hide and show with a click of a button? [/\]

Show: By clicking the “F10” button the GoldWord will appear

Hide: By re-clicking the “F10” button it will disappear.

Show: Another way of to show GoldWord, is by clicking on the "GW icon" in the taskbar. 

Note 1: The “F10” button can be modified in the “Options” and in the windows GW menu located on the taskbar under the GW icon.
Note: Most common mistakes are the having your “F” function locked on your keyboard. Please make sure that the “F Lock” has not being activated.

Note 2: In the "options" you have an option to show GoldWord by pointing the screen top” with your mouse cursor.







How to customize the screen size? [/\]
Point and dragging the bottom or right border of GoldWord and you may resize the screen.

Note: You can also use the “Minimize” “Restore” and “Close” buttons on the right top.

How do I get Additional results? [/\]
GoldWord offers basic results as well as additional translations results.

Case 1: In case you see “Additional Results” after your request of translation, by clicking on the arrow (On the additional results title) the results will appear.
Case 2: GoldWord offers a wider variety of translation through its online translation.


How to see the Online translation?
• Click on the “Web” icon, that will translate the word which is located in the "textbox".


• Or you can point the word you want to translate, then "Right click" on your mouse and choose  “Translate online”



How can I see Wikipedia results inside GoldWord? [/\]
In case you see “WikiPedia” title appears after your request for translation, by clicking the arrow the Wikipedia, Latest updates of Wikipedia will appear with additional information.

You can also “Right click” on a selected word and select “Find on Wikipedia”


How do I re-translate a translated word? [/\]
If you want to re-translate a word from the displayed translations, “Right click” on the selected word and press on “Translate into [Your original language]”

You can also use the “Flip” button for flipping the languages selected


How Do I paste translated word into my original window? [/\]
If you want to paste a word from the  translations to another application:

Step 1. Open the program you would like to paste the translation into
Step 2. “Right click” on a selected word and select “Paste into window”





How do I search the web for additional information on a translated word? [/\]
If you want to search for further results on a translated word on the web,

Step 1: Press “Right click” on the selected word

Step 2: Choose “Search on Google” Or “Search on Yahoo"


How do it add Dictionaries? [/\]
If you want to add dictionaries;

Step 1: Press on “Options”.

Step 2: Choose “Add Dictionaries”.

Step 3: Select the language you want.

Step 4: The program will download also the voices your selected languages require for dictation and pronunciation.



How to dictate & hear the correct pronunciation ? [/\]
Hearing a pronunciation of a word;
“Right click” on the selected word and press “Dictate”.

* You can also use the “Dictate” button.
Note: For adjusting the “ Dictate” function you can go to “Options” and customize the language, speed, pitch as well as define the time of the dictation,


How do I get the GoldWord upgrades ? [/\]
Click on the GW icon located on the taskbar, and then click “Upgrade”, and complete the process.






Using the online help[/\]
If you want to read latest tips and tricks, to get GoldWord new features and to learn more, go to “options” and click on “Help” that will direct you to the latest upgrades. 

To read more about GoldWord, go to “options” and click on “About GoldWord”.



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