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GoldWord is a software, which specializes in writing and translation, a subsidiary of Polisi Holdings LTD.

GoldWord was established in order to address the growing need, both in the business and private sectors, of a powerful software tool for writing and translation, to foreign languages and from them. Since then, the company has developed the GoldWord software series, professional and user-friendly solutions for all the writing and translation needs - at home, in the business and in educational institutions.

The software writes and translates words in a wide range of different languages. In addition, it enables writing in foreign languages, hearing the correct pronunciation of a selected word, and has highly developed editing and instant translation integration abilities.

The software is compatible with a variety of applications, such as Windows Word, Excel, Outlook, ICQ, and Internet browsers.

We at GoldWord believe that we are capable to assist our clients to overcome the difficulties, which are involved in lingual communications. Particularly, the GoldWord software supplies a unique solution, both in the variety and power of the functions it holds, using a convenient user interface, and in the variety of languages it supports. 




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