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Privacy Policy for GoldWord 

GoldWord is committed to preserving the privacy of our users. This Privacy Statement explains which information we collect and how we use it.

The website ("GoldWord Website") entitles our users to use GoldWord software (the ''Software), both online and after downloading it. To improve our site, we use cookies to save our users' usernames and passwords so that they don't have to re-enter them each time they visit the GoldWord site. We might also use cookies in the Software to allow us to track from which vendor users purchased GoldWord-Pro. We also offer our users the option of receiving Help Desk support and our newsletters. As part of the registration process, after downloading the Software, GoldWord requests the following information: the user's age range, gender, country, zip code, e-mail address and general interests. The purpose of gathering this information is to help GoldWord provide better service to our users and aggregate information to third parties interested in usage patterns of different demographic groups.

GoldWord may share information about users with business partners, sponsors and other third parties; however, we do so only in the aggregate and never on a personal basis.

GoldWord uses this information to contact our users with information related to our Software and services provided through the GoldWord Website (''Services''), to personalize the Services, to help us understand the use of the Services, and to describe the GoldWord customer base in general terms to prospective users and the media. When our customers use the Software and Services, we collect and categorize aggregated data, which remains anonymous.

Our users can at any time add, remove or revise e-mail addresses and any other information previously provided to GoldWord, as well as opting-out of receiving our newsletter by sending an email to com or by revising the registration form provided with the downloaded software. When downloading the Trial version of GoldWord-Pro users MUST supply their email address and fill in the registration form. We use this information only in the aggregate, and to send newsletters about the Software, and in order to send a license code for GoldWord-Pro.

The GoldWord Website contains links to other sites from which the Software can be downloaded. GoldWord does not share any information provided by our users with these sites. Additionally, GoldWord is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.

From time to time, we may also ask users, optionally, to fill out an online survey to assist us in evaluating the demand for new versions of our Software. These surveys ask visitors for contact information (i.e., name and email address), to facilitate notifying interested customers of new products and services offered by GoldWord.

We also have security measures (such as firewall protection on our servers and PC's) installed to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the user information under our control. Users should also be aware of the following:

a. The details users elect to post during the registration procedure or thereafter become the property of GoldWord upon receipt by GoldWord;

b. GoldWord checks for the following information when using GoldWord software: your operating system, GoldWord Software version, browser version, connectivity, and information regarding your use and the configuration of the GoldWord Software ("Parameters") . Parameters are collected in order to provide you with the Software and Services subject to the provisions hereof;

c. GoldWord gathers information related to our users' use of the our Software (''Usage Patterns'') to better understand how such users, as a group, use the software and the various features thereof, as well as to help GoldWord tailor offerings to user groups with specific profiles, and to conduct market research. The Parameters and the Usage Patterns may be used in the aggregate for commercial purposes, including without limitation, for marketing, co-registration to other services, promotional activities or any other activity, all subject to the provisions herein.

Questions about this privacy statement should be directed to




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